About Delice

“There is no love more sincere
than the love for food.”

George Bernard Shaw

Delice Food Store is an exclusive grocery store full of excellent choices in the midst of the conventional. Our unique selection and delicious flavors help lift your spirits, and therefore it is our greatest aspiration to always provide fresh groceries for regular business days and red-letter days alike.

Delice Food Store always stocks an outstanding product selection, fresh fish and salads as well as delectable pastries and pizzas, prepared in our in-store bakery. We have a wide selection of spices and groceries from the cuisines of a variety of the world’s nations, including an abundant selection of sushi materials. Our eco-friendly goods are especially selected to satisfy even the most demanding of preferences. Surprise yourself with meat and sausage products by Reinert, yogurts by Ehrmann, chocolate by Goldkenn, or wines carefully selected by our wine steward.

Find a Delice Food Stores at Solaris Center in Tallinn and Viimsi Shopping Center.

All are welcome that wish to surprise their family and friends with an exciting savory experience or jazz up their weekdays.

Delice – valued flavors!

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