Responsible entrepreneurship – what do we do?

For the employees

We organise health weeks during which we offer fresh fruit and vegetables, provide educational materials about health, and carry out sports competitions.

Once a year, we raffle a trip in the value of €2,000 and a week of additional paid vacation.

In an exciting competition, we select the fastest and most professional customer service representative who will receive an extra bonus.

We pay sports allowance.

Twice a year, we organise Group-wide competitions with the aim of being more active than usual and getting to know our colleagues better (orienteering, step competitions, disc golf).

We employ people with reduced capacity for work and are members of the Association of the Unity of Workers.

For the environment

We avoid creating unnecessary packaging waste and package food in the customer’s own container.

We use residual heat from refrigeration systems in our stores and are gradually transitioning to more energy-efficiency lighting solutions.

As of 2014, we carry the Fair Trade Friend title issued by MTÜ Mondo.

We offer environmentally friendly solutions for packaging goods (fabric bags, biodegradable bags).

For the community

We support small communities in the vicinity of our stores.

We take part in village or rural municipality sporting events, community activities for cleaning, and cultural events.

In order to not waste food, we cooperate with the Food Bank and the Association of Families with Many Children of Tallinn and Harju County.

For the customers

Three times a year, we run the Healthy Food Days campaign during which nutrition advisors are present at the store and products recommended by them are labelled with the “Healthy choice” label.

We do not sell alcohol-free beverages (alcohol-free beer, cider, sparkling wine, etc.) to minors.

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