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Estonian Healthy Food Days on 16–26 February

09. February 2017

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In 24 February, we are celebrating the 99th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. If you want to make a journey as lengthy as our country has, you need to be healthy. In order to support you in this endeavour, we are encouraging you to eat clean and high-quality Estonian food all-year-round but especially in February. That is why we have selected health promoting Estonian foods for both special occasions and everyday consumption. Traditionally, winter was the time when ancient Estonians would eat what they had stored, dried, pickled, smoked and jarred in autumn. Now we can enjoy a rich variety of local food off-season, all thanks to our small Estonian farmers.

Why do we recommend eating clean Estonian food? This way you save the environment as your choices influence your ecological footprint. In addition, by consuming the products of local food producers and farmers you support Estonian economy.

Where possible, choose organic food to take care of your health. Organic food of plant origin includes significantly more healthy antioxidants and less heavy metal and pesticide residue than regular food products. Organic dairy and meat products contain more omega-3 and other healthy fats.

Production methods affect the chemical composition of food, which in turn has a long-term effect on health and immune system.

We recommend that you eat clean and low-processed food that has been grown in a clean environment with all the love and care of our farmers! Prefer real Estonian food and do not forget our food traditions!


You are welcome to hear further recommendations in Delice and Solaris food stores throughout the Healthy Estonian Food Days.

The sessions are held on:
16 February in Solaris at 16:30–19:30

17 February in Delice in Pärnu at 15:30–18:30

23 February in Delice in Viimsi at 16:30–19:30

Eva-Liisa and Laivi
Nutritionists of Tervise Maitsed OÜ

Stella Sadrak
Sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist
Stella Sadrak