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18. April 2017

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Spring is the perfect time for reviving the body from the long winter to keep the spring-time exhaustion away.

Concentrate on lighter foods – prefer fish instead of meat and consume more vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, herbs, onions, garlic, etc. We also recommend using young plants that can be harvested for food – nettle, goutweed, dandelion root, fir sprouts, etc.

Why all this green and grass? Because the purpose of food in spring is to support the liver functions – just like nature starts a new cycle, so can you give your body a restart by using everything the season has to offer.

What should be the spring choices? Different freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are perfect, as well as smoothies, raw salads and why not raw soups. Raw salads can be enriched with different beneficial seeds that cleanse the body. Be sure to add sprouts and herbs to the spring salad. You can also add green to the smoothies – leafy vegetables, sprouts, cucumber, herbs and spices you like. Those who are used to smoothies made of fruit and berries only can exercise their taste buds by adding a little of the greens at a time. Smoothies or raw soups can be made with water or vegetable milk, but why not also with a tree juice. Birch and maple juices are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are perfect for a spring-time pick-me-up, and they help to gently cleanse the body from any winter residue. Those who do not have a personal juice tree can luckily buy these spring wonders from the store, too.

Taste the spring and stay healthy!
Eva-Liisa Kaaristo and Laivi Mesikäpp
Nutritionists at Tervise Maitsed. Members of the Estonian Nutritionists Association and the Estonian Nutrition Therapy Association.


Nutritionists’ lectures are held:

20.04 Solaris 16.30-19.30

21.04 Pärnu Delice 15.30-18.30

27.04 Viimsi Delice16.30-19.30

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Everyone who buys at least one product with the “Tervislik valik!” mark during 20.04-30.04 are entered into drawing where three lucky ones will win a food basket consultation by Tervise Maitsed OÜ along with a €50 gift card from ABC Supermarkets.
Fill the receipt at the store with your contact details and put it in the drawing box.
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