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Healthy snacks for school and office

20. September 2016

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The new office and school season poses a challenge in terms of healthy and quick choices that would be convenient to take to school or office, would help improve your memory, and would support the ability to learn and work. The snacks you choose make a difference as food should provide you with sufficient energy to stay active and concentrate on the relevant. Our brain functions depend on what we eat – inappropriate dietary choices can make you drowsy and cause tiredness. Also, it is not only the food we choose but also the regularity of meals which determines how well our learning and working ability persists.

We, Laivi, Eva-Liisa, and Maris – Healthy Flavors (Tervise Maitsed)  nutrition consultants– have selected a number of exciting and yummy snacks to help keep your mind wakeful and promote active brain function. Naturally, we will be giving out good advice on how to plan your meals during the day.

In September, all eyes should be on smoothies and organic power bars. We also recommend a lactose free wrap and a healthy quinoa salad. Why did we choose these particular items?



As fruits and vegetables should make up the largest part of our daily menu, smoothies are a fun and quick way to have fruit and veg. Enjoying delicious smoothies is an easy way to increase your daily intake of fruits and veggies.

Vegetables, while containing vitamins and minerals essential to the brain, are low in calories and do not make you gain weight. Fruits as well hold a boatload of nutrients good for our body. Carbohydrates found in fruits and veggies are most important for your brain to function efficiently. Be sure to prefer natural smoothies without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and added sugar.

Power bars

Raw power bars with their delicious ingredients are a perfect healthy snack, they are convenient to take to school, and efficiently satisfy your hunger – you will surely find your favorite among the many different flavors. Raw power bars are also a good way to still that craving for sweets and serve as an excellent post-workout snack. The nuts in the power bars contain healthy fats which are also super important for your brain, memory, and learning ability. Raw power bars retain important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Solaris and Delice boast an awesome selection of power bars which do not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, milk, and grains.

Chicken and vegetable wrap

Quick food choices at Solaris also include a delicious chicken and vegetable wrap. As every balanced meal should include both carbohydrates and quality protein, the wrap is a perfect quick snack, convenient also for recess. The wrap, straight from Delice’s kitchen, is made with cornmeal tortilla and lactose free cream cheese. The yummy wrap is perfectly suited for people with lactose intolerance.

Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad by Solaris is a tasty and healthy choice! The salad is a perfect snack on its own or a side dish for your main meal. Quinoa is a nutritious and delicious protein source which contains minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Quinoa has a low glycemic index, making you feel full for longer. Quinoa is also a nice alternative to other grains and the salad is well-suited for people with gluten intolerance.

We hope that healthy food lovers and those with more common intolerance issues alike find their favorites among our recommended selection!


Laivi, Eva-Liisa, and Maris