Holiday openings 24.12.17-01.01.18

Dear Customers

In Holiday period, our stores are open accordingly:

STORE 24.12.17 25.12.17 26.12.17 31.12.17 01.01.18
09:00-21:00 10:00-22:00 09:00-23:00 09:00-22:00 10:00-23:00
Pärnu Delice Foodstore 09:00-21:00 10:00-22:00 09:00-22:00 09:00-22:00 10:00-22:00
Viimsi Delice Foodstore 09:00-21:00 10:00-22:00 09:00-22:00 09:00-22:00 10:00-22:00


Happy Holidays!


Seasons change, weather changes, and so does our dinner table.

Which products are better for autumn, so that we could resist virus diseases and common cold better? What food will give us enough energy to successfully manage through the forthcoming dark and cold period? Which products will support our health and keep us warm when it’s cold outside? You will be able to get answers to these and many other questions during the Healthy Food Days that will take place in Delice and Solaris food stores.

Visit information hours of nutrition consultants of Tervise Maitsed OÜ:
19.10- SOLARIS TOIDUPOOD, 16:30-19:30
20.10- PÄRNU DELICE, 15:30-18:30
26.10- VIIMSI DELICE, 16:30-19:30

Our nutrition consultants selected special products, which you will be able to find in stores under the “Tervislik valik!”(“Healthy choice!”) label.

Tervislik valik!

You can find special offers of the Healthy Food Days HERE

Store opening hours on Midsummer holidays

Dear customers
On Midsummer holidays our stores are open accordingly:



Your shopping cart pays off!

May 4 through May 7 at Delice and Solaris grocery stores one lucky customer will be drawn to receive a full refund of their purchase! No matter if you purchased items for € 1 or € 100 – the raffle is open for all.

To take part in the raffle, write your name and e-mail address on the flip side of your purchase receipt in capital letters and slip your receipt in the raffle box.

Names of the winners will be published on the stores’ home page at during working hours on May 8, 2017.

Good luck!

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